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I cannot change the length of the straight cable trays using Python Cable Tray!

For the straight cable trays (sleeves) it is a must to enter "Custom"  value to the component designation in the Spec Editor’s spec editor tab to allow the editing inside Plant3D. Otherwise they are not changeable; they are "Standard" parts.

@ 9:30 I am showing this step.

Why is the straight cable tray’s width not changeable once I place it in the model?

Related with the first FAQ point:
The thing is that Plant3d is generating the descriptions when you place the parts. If you place a part which is 'standard' this is not a problem (for example for bends or tees). You can change the size (width), and the description will change with it.
But if you place a 'custom' part in the model, the description is generated, and then you are allowed to edit the dimensions of the part in the properties tab. You can change whatever you like. This cannot be easily followed by the descriptions (short or long), so Autodesk decided, that if you place a custom part (like our straight cable trays), you should not change the size (150 or 300 or whatever) and the description will not change either.
So my workflow using Python Cable Tray is that every time I place a straight cable tray I only change the length afterwards. The only purpose of setting the straight cable trays to 'custom' is to allow custom lengths. If I want to change the width of a straight cable tray I simply delete this existing one and place a new one with the right width and adjust the length afterwards.
Unfortunately this is a limitation in the program.

Why is the straight cable tray’s short and long description not changing with the width?

Same answer as for above FAQ point.

How can I check the length of the straight cable trays created with Python Cable Tray in the Data Manager or at the Report Creator?

Because of the limitation described above, by default none of the descriptions contains information regarding the length of the cable trays.
I have one more-or-less easy workaround:
Export the sleeves’ (straight cable tray’s) info to an excel sheet from the Data Manager and use the below table’s coloured cells (AY-BC columns) to calculate the actual lengths:
Full method here:

Why don't I have any size option in the Plant3D pipe insertion tab on the ribbon?

No pipe size

It is because you have not added any pipe to your cable tray spec sheet and Plant3D is offering the spec's available sizes based on the pipe-availability.

Just go to the Spec Editor and add a pipe to your cable tray spec with the proper diameter parameters and you should be good to go, like this:

Tray Pipe

Is Python Cable Tray compatible with AutoCad MEP?

Unfortunately it is not.