Vertical cable tray tees – 1.16 update

I was asked a couple of times to prepare not just horizontally oriented cable tray tee pieces but scripts for vertical cable tray tees too. Hopefully I have created this new script in a way you wanted to. I have a little bit of change compared to previous parts. Here I have introduced a new parameter for the number of stiffeners: NS. This way you do not need to mess around with the angles between the stiffeners which is the BETA parameter for other parts. Just enter how many stiffeners you want and they will be distributed accordingly.

vertical cable tray tees

I saw sometimes that these vertical cable tray tees are just partially made rigid with the stiffeners. That is why I made this available by the NS parameter too. If you enter a negative value here, the stiffeners will be generated on one side only. I do not really know if it is really useful or not, but it is there.

The usual things are also working for the vertical cable tray tees. If TY is minus one, the tray will be plate type, otherwise ladder-type.

If the TH is negative the stiffeners will be solid boxes instead of U-profile channels to save some RAM for you. Finally the not-too-long-ago introduced covers are also working with the parameter TH2 and H2. So it is business as usual. Enjoy!

If you would like to check how these new vertical cable tray tees work, here is a video showing exactly that:

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