New parameters for older cable tray items

As my app is constantly gaining more and more functions, more parameters are becoming necessary to control these. But some of you may have already created a huge number of cable trays and this results in a problem: the newly-born parameters are not working in the old catalog parts. This happens because their catalog (or SQL for that matter) entry does not contain the new parameter. So if you change it, nothing happens.

Of course this is not a problem for the brand new parts, but as I have already told you, there is a workaround here.

But first of all: very special thanks to Christian Wincziers, he helped me a great deal in perfecting my app (it will never be perfect, but it might be better now, than one-year-before).

The code I was using:

[ContentGeometryParamDefinition] = REPLACE ([ContentGeometryParamDefinition], ',FB=40', ',FB=40.0')
[PartFamilyLongDesc] = ''"

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