Cable tray length in the report creator

If you use Plant3D you will most likely want to use the Report Creator too. This is a very powerful application to prepare bill of materials of the layout you have made in Plant3D. If you use my app, you will also want use the Report Creator to list all your fancy cable trays have just been placed. Unfortunately for the straight cable trays one thing will be missing from these lists: their length!

The length is not there in the data manager either. However we have two data which is useful for us. The coordinates of its first connection and the coordinates of the center of its gravity. The difference of these two points gives us the "half-length" of the cable tray. Hence if we export these data to an excel sheet we can calculate the exact length of the cable tray. After this we only need to export this info to a chosen column and import back the excel file to the data manager.

Now you have the length in your model database so you can use the report creator to make your lists where all cable tray will be indicated together with their lengths.

Here is a video showing in details how to do this:

Link for a sample table in google docs format:

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