Cable tray divider – 1.17 update

Another customer-request is more-or-less answered with this update. This is the addition of cable tray divider to each script which has only two connection point. This means that the straight cable tray, the bends and all the reducers will have this function from now on. For tees and especially for crosses I thought that too many additional parameters would be necessary, so I skipped those. At least for now.

Cable tray divider - 1

To make the cable tray divider work I have added two additional parameters: LW and CW.

Cable tray divider

LW is the base width of the divider. It means, if LW is bigger than the plate thickness (TH), an L-profile is generated. However if LW is the same as TH the divider is just a plate. Finally if LW is zero, there is no divider. This is the default value.

You can use CW to position the divider. If it is zero, which is the default value here also, the divider is in the center. However if you change this value you have to measure the distance from one side of the cable tray. Like on the drawing above. So for example if the cable tray width is 300, setting the CW to zero is the same thing as setting it to 150. In both cases the cable tray divider will be in the center.

Here is a video how it is working in Plant3D:

Also don’t forget, if you would like to use these new parameters for cable tray catalog items created in the past, you have to check this post of mine.

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